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A native of Germany, William Ralston began making art at an early age. Forever burning through sketchbooks and leaking pencils from every pocket, Will’s art career was fueled by a wild imagination and a perpetual need to create.
With encouragement from family and mentors alike, Will received a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration from Ringling College of Art & Design in 2008.
While working as an automotive airbrush artist, Will began collecting tattoos. His fascination of the art form grew beyond collector and he began his tattoo artist apprenticeship in 2009.
Further developing his illustrative style, Will became part of the family at Oddity Tattoo Studio & Gallery in 2012. He is thankful for the artists and their creativity that surround him every day and drive him to be better. Will is inspired by classic monster movies, Tolkien fantasy, and all things of the sea,  real or otherwise.
He continues to illustrate in the skin, focusing on black and grey. When Will isn’t tattooing, he can be found in the garage, surrounded by canvases also richly steeped in his unique illustrative style.
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